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I’ve come to this work through many twists and turns. On my journey from Corporate America to creating with paper, I've found what I believe to be my life’s work. It grows and evolves with each piece. It’s been a test of my Faith, Endurance and Belief, not to mention, a whole lot of Prayers that has brought me to this moment. I can’t imagine my life now without doing this work.  “There’s magic in the smallest things in life... For me, it’s in the bits and pieces of paper.”

Yolanda Ward


I’m a paper collage artist. I’ve studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia Printing School, Arcadia University as well as attending workshops at the Abington Art Center and the Woodmere Art Museum.  My work has been selected for juried exhibitions and exhibited in The Moody Jones Gallery, Rydal Park and The October Gallery. I’m currently represented by EandS Gallery in Louisville Kentucky.

My background as a designer, art director and creative director in a corporate environment for over 30 years has kept me tuned into the creative process for most of my life. “I was always involved in some way with the look, feel and creative approach to projects and programs from national sporting events, company and community programs and major art exhibition sponsorships at the Philadelphia Museum of Art”.


My process continues to evolve as life does. Traveling to Italy to make paper with a master paper maker is how my love for making paper began. I now make my own paper and use it in my art. I use printed vintage paper from magazines, handmade paper from all over the world, as well as my own handmade papers, as the foundation for my images.  I then mark the paper with inks and acrylics tear the paper into small pieces and then I begin the layering process to form the images. I use an acrylic based medium to adhere the pieces. There is no paint used on my work, only paper…. And the journey continues with each piece.